Transitioning into QA Leadership: Take the leap

I recently had the pleasure of being offered the opportunity to share some blog posts for the Applitools blog platform at

My recent article on making the transition to QA leadership has just been published.

A quick intro into what my content addresses on this post:

I have seen QA Engineers go through what I call ‘mid-career crisis’. It’s not directly synonymous with a mid-life crisis, however there are some glaring symptoms which pop up across those who face it. Some of those include questions or thoughts like:

  • Is there a future for me in the QA space?
  • I’m just using QA and Testing as a stepping stone to something else within the tech world
  • Testing is great, but where to from here?
  • I will never be a VP of Engineering or even move to a CTO or C-Level
  • Is growth in a test automation path enough to move me to a lead or manager role?

Whether you have asked yourself these questions or have had similar thoughts, you have come to the right place… read the blog post further below and make sure to subscribe for more content on anything Testing and Test Automation related.

Go ahead, make the transition.

Follow the link below to read the full post:

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