Mind-Mapping in Software Testing: Increase that Test coverage, its about time! (VIDEO)

Where has he been?

It has been quite a while since my last blog post and most of my blog followers have probably been wondering what I have been up to.  From day to day work across multiple projects, mentoring workshops, podcast recordings and webinars, things have been really hectic over the past few weeks. Hopefully I will be sharing much more of those details real soon.

I recently presented an internal presentation at my company regarding practical examples and benefits of Mind-Mapping in Testing to increase Test coverage. I then followed that up very recently with a Webinar on the Biggerplate platform. Biggerplate is quite passionate about getting the concept of mind-mapping to take off across the world in multiple industries from Education to Finance & Medical to Information systems.

They have very kindly allowed me to share the video on this blog. Thank you Biggerplate. I hope you enjoy the video and drop a comment if you have a question 🙂

Check out this link for the video :

This webinar was recorded for the BiggerplatePRO Members. Save $10 on Annual membership ($29) using the code TOYER10 today! To find out more, visit https://www.biggerplate.com/PRO



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